Rabia Hasan, Townsend Harris High School

 GlamourGals is still spotlighting our amazing Glammy Scholarship Award finalists! Today we hear from chapter president Rabia, about the the ways GG  visits help students, too. 

Before I became a GlamourGal, I was going through a very tough time in my life. It was as if there was not a single person I could talk to and feel at ease. For some reason, my heart kept gravitating towards the room where the first GlamourGal meeting of the year was happening. After attending my first makeover, I knew this was going to be the best part of the year. Every other week, when my chapter would go to the senior center. That hour became the highlight of my week. I was able to talk to wonderful men and women, who would tell me stories about the best times in the life, their hardships and their hopes. Most people in my community say that I am doing a very generous act by going to the senior center and spending time with the senior citizens there. However, they are not fully accurate with their statement. I truly think that the senior citizens are actually helping us, the youth, with their words.Through GlamourGals, I was able to meet amazing people who have really made me and the people around me better human beings.

As for mentoring co-leaders and other Glamour Gal members, I did not really mentor them in traditional sense. I never want to be a strict and mean leader. I want to be everyone's friend, which is why I never could preach what to do. Sometimes, at the makeovers, I would let some volunteers make a small mistake and then I would go and advise them what to do. If I were to instruct them how to give makeovers and tell them that mistakes were unacceptable, then thew might not be genuine. They would be robotic. Instead, I think letting people make mistakes and taking them through the journey of understanding how to give a good makeover is better than just instructing and mentoring. I am a big compliment person. Whenever I noticed something admirable, no matter how small it was, I would always give them a compliment. Giving compliments is a big motivator!

Finally, the most important part of being a chapter leader is organizing makeovers. I maintained very close communication with the Engaged Life Director of the senior center. We often email each other regarding makeovers. I also have her number in case an emergency comes up. I believe that talking to her really helped me organize a lot of makeovers. She truly is a great person. In addition, to prep for upcoming makeovers, I would check the supply bag after makeover, to make sure that there would be supplies for the next makeover. If there would not be enough supplies for the next makeover, then I would have to get some from GG National. Finally, the most essential person in making me an organized leader at the makeovers is my advisor, Ms. Chung. She and I are always talking about upcoming makeovers and events. We remind each other or anything the other might be forgetting. Working with her has helped me as a leader, truly.

My experiences as a GlamourGals volunteer have shaped my aspirations and future goals. Seeing how ill the senior citizens get, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in a health field that could some way help senior citizens. I am going to attend St. John's University as a pharmacy student in the coming fall. Being a pharmacist, I will be able to work and interact with individuals like the senior citizens at Atria. In addition, I want to continue volunteering at senior centers. I cannot imagine not going to senior centers and talking to these wonderful people. They have a big part of my high school life and I will always remember them. I will continue to attend makeovers periodically as a guest with my chapter in years to come.

Jessica Wallin