Preparing for a Valentine's Day Makeover

"Our last meeting was really focused on the next steps for February. Everyone got into the Valentine's Day spirit to make signs, hearts and other decorations to give to the women and post around the senior home. We were able to contact two additional senior centers to arrange dates for our future visits, and are excited to be expanding our impact on these women through conversations and obviously makeovers!

After being in many other clubs and seeing the lack of enthusiasm that members often show towards the completion of various tasks, it is great to see these members giving feedback from our last visit and suggesting new ideas for future ones. We love planning new ideas to go along with the seasonal themes that we've come up with, and the glitter was flying as our members created piles of new crafts for us to bring for Valentine's Day!

Since I was not able to attend the first visit to the senior home, I enjoy hearing members' reactions to the activities they did, and am excited to learn as much from these women as they did"

- Kristen, Public Relations Officer at a NJ Chapter

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