Powerful Connections at Power Brunch

Jenna, the President of our Mahopac Chapter, attended Power Brunch last weekend. In this blog she shares with us what she learned from the event.

Jenna looking over   example resumes.

Jenna looking over example resumes.


Today, I had the amazing opportunity to attend GG National's power brunch in NYC. This was my favorite event I've been to so far. We had workshops with incredibly helpful information when it comes to our future careers, jobs and internships.

The panel consisted of questions based on personal experiences at work and how to handle certain situations in the workplace. We had a speaker from Jet.com talk about resumes, what to add and what to take out. She gave us very useful tips that I will definitely be using when I edit my resume for internships and job interviews. We also learned the 5 B's: Be open, Be prepared, Be polished, Be curious and Be in touch. These were incredibly important and I was sure to write notes from that presentation.

Jenna meeting with her two mentors who work in Music Production.

Jenna meeting with her two mentors who work in Music Production.

One of my favorites was learning how important it is to "protect your personal brand" and to be very careful with what you post on social media. I had the opportunity to speak to two mentors that currently work in the field I want to go into. (Thank you GG National for that absolutely incredible opportunity, I appreciate it so much!) We talked about what I should definitely do going into the music business and what will help me in the future and I will carry their advice with me through my career.

I am so glad I was able to come to this event today, I really appreciate everyone that GlamourGals had because they were all incredible speakers/mentors!

Jessica Wallin