Patience is Key

Anjali Devgan, a volunteer of our University of Southern California chapter, talks about how patience led her to surprising conversation with a man during her chapter’s first makeover of the school year.

The first makeover of the school year was a huge success! Our presence at the university involvement fair generated lots of interest, so we had a full and happy group headed to Belmont Senior Village this past weekend. As an e-board member, I was floating around making sure that all students and all seniors had someone to talk to.

I noticed that a new volunteer was with a man, James, who wasn't quite responsive. He was hard of hearing and took a little bit of time to generate each response. I could tell that our volunteer was getting flustered, so I helped her join a different conversation with some other seniors, and I took her place. 

9.24.19 Anjali Devgan Uni Of Southern California.jpeg

James was quiet at first, but I finally got him talking with my favorite topic: dogs! I told him about the two giant German shepherd dogs I have at home, and he told me about his dachshund. James' dog was a former show dog named Baron Fritz of Eastland Manor. In his words,”It was a fancy name for a fancy dog.”

From there we talked about USC football, since he was a student at my university over 60 years ago. It turned out we also both love hiking. I told him about my trip to Zion National Park a few months ago, and he told me of his favorite trip in the Sierras. Lastly, James told me about his experience in the army and as a veteran. He is such an incredible man who has lived a fascinating life. Although he was very quiet at first and took a long time with each response, I am glad that I had the patience to listen to his story! I can't wait to return soon and continue our conversation.

This conversation with James was one of my most cherished GG experiences! What a great way to start the manicures this school year.

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