Our First Makeover

Khadia and Juliana

Khadia and Juliana

Before we completed our first makeover today, I was nervous. I was faced with last minute cancellations and early morning traffic that provided me with ample time to continue fretting about the upcoming experience -- what if a woman didn't like her makeup, for example? How was I supposed to start a dialogue? My panicking all proved to be for nothing.

We arrived at the nursing home to a warm environment and step-by-step instructions regarding the makeup process to ensure that we were all proceeding correctly. The women were all pleased that we were there and I always ended up falling into natural conversations, if not about the woman's makeover and what she wanted done, then about her life.

While she was waiting for her nails to dry, I got the opportunity to chat with a lovely woman named Doritha. We discussed everything from the snacks at Macy's (we're both big fans of Auntie Anne's) to her frequent traveling. Not only was she easygoing and hilarious, but she was also very willing to talk about herself and her past.

Everyone loves to feel beautiful, and as a GlamourGals volunteer, knowing that you've helped a woman achieve that feeling is hugely gratifying. I'm so happy and so thankful that I got to meet so many lovely ladies and help put a smile on their faces. I can't wait for our chapter to grow and I'm so excited for our next makeover!

-Khadia O., Chapter President, New York