Noor from NY: What GG Means to Me.

GlamourGals has been such a huge and incredible part of my life. 

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I moved to the USA in late December of 2010 and started high school in the middle of my freshman year. Then I found out about the GG chapter at my high school. I was very hesitant about joining the club because I thought my English wasn’t good enough and I didn’t know how to do nails or makeup or anything. However, the teacher who was in charge encouraged me to join and I joined anyways despite my hesitations. And now almost 7 years later, I am so glad to say that joining GG was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have met some incredible seniors at the nursing homes, who were not only welcoming but also amazingly supportive of us, young girls. We give our time to them but they bless us with their wisdom. I remember in the last makeover that we had in May, just before my graduation, I was speaking to Karen, one of our long time and regular seniors, and I was telling her about my excitement but also fear and anxiety about life after college and not knowing if I could get to where I want to be and she told me that “no matter what happens, never stop chasing your dreams. You’re still so young, you have your whole life ahead of you”. And I thought to myself, you know what? She is right. Why am I so fearful? So what if it takes me a little longer to get where I want to be? I still have my life ahead of me and I should never stop chasing my dreams no matter how far they seem right now. I wanted to mention this to emphasize the fact that I believe I have contributed to GG to the best of my abilities throughout the year, but GG has also tremendously contributed to my life. Some of my best friends that I still keep in touch with, I have made through GG.

I also had the opportunity to serve not only as a volunteer but also as a chapter leader and I have gained valuable leadership experiences through it. At times it was difficult to keep everything moving at a smooth pace but I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved organizing and planning our club’s table at the club fair, letting the new and incoming college students know about the club, having them at the makeovers, reading their journals and learning about their experiences. My other chapter leaders and I worked really hard to keep our club open and moving forward with new members and events for the students. And I am proud to contribute to and be a part of our success. I also love the fact that GG makes such an effort to acknowledge its volunteers. I have been fortunate enough to receive Hot Pink Leadership Certificates and Intergenerational Service Awards by GG for my contributions and I am grateful for their acknowledgements.

When I was a young teen, trying to learn English, trying to fit in, trying to make friends, trying to learn about the culture, GG helped me with that. And then as a young adult, GG played an important part of me becoming an outspoken, active leader, who doesn’t want to sit passively on the sideline and actively want to work for a cause and make a difference in society. I realized how much I love working with people and it affirmed my dream of going into Medicine and pursuing a career in patient care, where hopefully I can make a difference one day.

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