GLTI 2017 - Alexis, NY Volunteer

Today's blog was written by NY volunteer Alexis, who attended our 14th annual Leadership Training on November 18th. Here's what she had to say about the experience. 


This year, I was luckily able to attend our wonderful GLTI event. GLTI really was a great and amazing experience. I never thought I would be so talkative and open to such a new experience. At first, I really didn’t know what to say in the leadership drills but then I started to ease into the drill and was having such a fun time. The girls I had met at the conference knew exactly how I felt towards Glamour Gals because they felt the exact same way. We are all so dedicated and interested in helping the elderly. Also, learning about Alzheimer’s and Dimensia was a real eye opening experience because I never really took into account how these individuals were feeling. All I ever did say was that, “they are a little harsh on memory”. However, there’s so much more to their story. Now, I want to share the ways inividuals in my chapter can adhere and understand these individuals. And of course, my other favorite part of GLTI was hearing the panelists and the moderator. They all are such motivational women who care about helping our community. I look up to them as role models because I would love to follow in their paths.


--Alexis, NY Volunteer 

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