A Fantastic First Makeover in Fostoria, Ohio

Our newest chapter based in Fostoria, Ohio had their first makeover this past weekend. This unique chapter brings together volunteers from three different area schools, and was founded by three volunteers who attended a GlamourGals MegaMakeover at a HOBY Leadership Seminar in June. Read on for some of their reflections from the day!

"The makeover could not have gone any more perfectly! I went into the day figuring that of course some parts were going to be a bit flawed, just because it was our first time. But honestly everything worked out so well. We all met so many amazing women (and some men) with such beautiful smiles and wonderful stories to tell. No matter who it was who we met, they had an amazing trait that contributed a smile to our day. Hopefully we provided the same for them! The residents said they can't wait until we come back, and we definitely can't wait either." -Gretta, chapter president 

"One lady named Margaret was such a sweetheart. She kept telling me how good I was making her look and how she felt pretty. [S]he reminded me very much of my grandmother! It was a very inspirational day." -Lauren, chapter volunteer

"[G]etting to see the smiles on the ladies faces makes everything worth while. This is the reason I love volunteering. Making other people feel beautiful is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced." -Valerie, chapter vice president 

"I enjoyed making the ladies feel happy and confident again." -Meghan, chapter volunteer

"I worked with three wonderful ladies today, Courtney, Martha, and May. One only wanted a hand massage, while another just wanted to talk. And I got to help paint the nails of a sassy woman who shares my birthday. " -Heidi, chapter volunteer


Thank you to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.