First Makeover for GG of Auglaize County, Ohio!

Our newest chapter, based in Auglaize County, Ohio, had their first makeover this past weekend! This chapter was founded by three volunteers who attended a GlamourGals MegaMakeover at a HOBY Leadership Seminar in June. They had strong turn out of thirteen volunteers - even more impressive, considering torrential rain prevented many volunteers from attending. Read on for some of their reflections from the day, and check out the full album of photos on our Facebook!

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"The girls just dove on in and everything went so smoothly. After about an hour, we got all of the seniors' makeovers done. [...] For the last hour, we played bingo with the ladies and some men came down too. I really enjoyed meeting all new people and sharing this experience with them, it's definitely something I'll never forget. I can't wait to keep volunteering and recruiting more girls to help out. This is just the start of our chapter but it's already looking good." -Sophie, chapter president 

"[The nursing home is local], which meant that many of the ladies new my family. It was a great topic of conversation! I loved talking with them about my family and theirs. One of my favorite things from our visit was I saw the lady I was working with look at her friend with a big smile on her face and say, 'Lois, woohoo!'. It showed how excited the ladies were and how much fun they were having." -Lauren, chapter volunteer

"I loved being able to put a smile on the residents face and when they complemented how well we did something all of our work seemed to pay off. Also when we mentioned we would be back soon they said they would look forward to our next visit which is a relief!" -Joanna, chapter vice president 

"I loved talking to the residents and they were SO excited to get their nails and makeup done. They thought what we were doing was great, and they loved learning about GlamourGals and what we do. I am super excited for our chapter and our future makeovers!" -Addy, chapter treasurer

"It was really cool to see how much happier and lighter they were once they had everything done. After all their pampering, I just sat with a couple of ladies and we just talked about my future and their past. It was just a really neat experience to be talking about things in my life that were coming up and I was worried about that they had already experienced." -Brianna, chapter volunteer

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Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.