New Chapter Spotlight


Our new chapter at Long Island Lutheran had a great first makeover last month, providing companionship, manicures, and lipstick to 19 senior residents! This chapter was founded by Sara, who saw GlamourGals as a way to combine her passions for philanthropy and beauty. Here's what Sara had to say about her chapter's first visit: 

"I used to be a pilot back in WW2." As soon as I heard this statement from one of the most beautiful mature ladies I've ever seen, I was in pure shock. As much as being an everyday mother is beyond respectable, I would have never even imagined being in the same room with such a rare individual. My expectations were high, but this meeting had exceeded my expectations by miles.

These ladies now have a special place in my heart, especially a women named Blossom. She was the most confident woman I've ever encountered as she flaunted her name and its meaning. "It means blooming, if you didn't know" she said, and gave the cheekiest little smirk. Not only did this encounter make all of us laugh with cheer, it set the stage for the rest of time we were there. I tried to soak up every minute of it but a mere two hours couldn't nearly be enough to get to know the life story of every woman residing there. Lucky for us, we have all the time in the world now with our GG chapter.

GG National