New Chapter at the University of Southern California


The USC GlamourGals was founded by Carly, an amazing volunteer who has led GlamourGals chapters at her high school and two universities! Carly's dedication has helped us reach seniors from New York to California, and we know the USC chapter will be a big success!

"We were warmly welcomed by a room full of residents, anxiously awaiting the mysterious GlamourGals. I introduced myself, explained who we were, and gave each volunteer a chance to introduce herself. Within minutes, the GlamourGals were scattered around the room beginning their manicures. The room was buzzing. Staff walked by to see why the recreation room was so much louder than usual. You could hear constant laughter and look around to see everyone, residents, staff, and volunteers, smiling and chatting. I actually had a chance to speak with all 25-30 of the residents and they were all so grateful and excited for our visit, many asking when we'd be back.

I later found out from the activity director that several of the women who looked like they had been having the times of their lives, didn't usually enjoy activities. It's amazing to see firsthand what a positive impact GlamourGals has on everyone. After the visit, the volunteers each shared their gratitude for being able to volunteer for such an amazing organization." --Carly, chapter president of USC GlamourGals

Jessica Wallin