New Chapter at Orange High School

We are excited to welcome Orange High School, our fourth chapter in California, to the #GGmovement! They had 22 volunteers and 15 seniors at their first makeover earlier this month. We are grateful to chapter treasurer Myka for bringing the idea for GlamourGals to her school after seeing GG founder & CEO Rachel Doyle speak at a HOBY Leadership Seminar this summer, chapter president Nina for leading the effort to get organized, as well as all of the other outstanding leaders and volunteers who are contributing to this chapter.

"Today went amazing. All of the women getting their nails and makeup done looked very happy and after they asked for us to come back again! Like any first meeting, the beginning was awkward, but after a couple of jokes and conversation starters, it was a blast! [The seniors] are very funny and loved asking questions! I can't wait to go back to the senior home and to build relationships with these awesome women." -Bryanna, chapter PR officer


"Our first event was absolutely amazing. All of the beautiful seniors were so kind! It was an amazing experience being able to spend time with them talking, doing their makeup, and doing their nails. You could tell they really enjoyed our company just as much as we did theirs. Being able to learn little things about them and just seeing them smile was the best. We all really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back soon!" -Aylin, chapter vice president


"This is Rosie. She's the most cute and cheerful person! She played basketball when she was in high school which is cool because I did too! They were all so sweet and funny. They really appreciated us doing this for them and kept saying they loved it. Can't wait to come back next month. " -Myka, chapter vice president

"It was such a great experience to get to give a little happiness to the seniors at this home, it's like I gained a bunch of grandmas of my own! They're all so full of happiness and life, [even though] they stay in this facility. They make me appreciate my life and young years so much more." -Chapter volunteer

"From learning what they did when they were young to what their favorite memories are, I built incredible bonds with the residents at Kirkwood. I hope we get the opportunity to come back soon!" -Brianda, chapter volunteer

You can follow our Orange High School chapter on Instagram.

 Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.