New Chapter at El Toro High School

Our new chapter at El Toro High School had their first makeover earlier in November. At their first meeting in October, they had over 50 students show up, so we are excited to see the impact they make in the future. The chapter was founded by Samantha after she attended a HOBY Leadership Seminar over the summer: "I knew right when I heard Rachel Doyle's story I wanted to bring GlamourGals back to my school." With the help of her friends, she is ready to help spread the #GGmovement. Read on to see more of their first makeover experience!

"Hellen was my first GG makeover client. She was so sweet with snow white hair, but she was unable to speak. Yet her facial expressions were very satisfying. She was such a doll and loved her pink nails at the end of the day. After the makeovers we all cuddled up on the couch and watched [a movie]. It was so cute and so much fun." -Samantha, chapter president

"I met a lady named Katie. I did her nails and makeup while having an easy conversation. She went to UC Berkeley and graduated with a bachelors degree in education. She became an elementary school teacher. I loved spending time with this outgoing soul. Can't wait to go back!" -Taylor, chapter volunteer

Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.