Volunteer Spotlight - Naveena from NJ

GlamourGals is important to me and the community because it provides a platform through which young community members can give back to the senior citizens that established our community. I was first motivated to join GlamourGals after going hearing that my grandfather in India had suffered a stroke. After the stroke, he slowly exhibited symptoms of dementia. Living in the United States, I could not assist my grandfather as much as I would have liked to. I could only keep him company over the phone as he slowly began to forget each one of his family members. To assist those like my grandfather, I wanted to join an organization where could have in person interaction and provide companionship to those who need it most. GlamourGals is an organization gave me the opportunity to do exactly that. This organization has had a great positive impact on the community, as the senior citizens look forward to our visit to the nursing home every month. It brings them joy and a content feeling because they can see and know that they have support from others in the community.


GlamourGals was begun at my high school first within the National Honor Society. But I took interest as the Vice President during my junior year, and proposed the creation of a distinct GlamourGals club at the school. I worked diligently for two weeks, writing a club formation proposal and scheduled a meeting with the school principal. Weeks later, I explained to him the necessity of this club in the Aberdeen community and he fully supported the idea. From there we completed the necessary paper work and made the club official. During my junior year, I looked forward to the Saturdays that I would get to meet my nursing home friends. My interests and engagement with this club then compelled me to run for the position of the President during my senior year.

Volunteering experiences through GlamourGals have helped me guide my future career goals. Throughout high school, I knew my interests lay within the biological sciences, but I did not know which path I wanted to take to apply my knowledge in biology. I was torn between going on the research path or the medical school path. By joining and participating in GlamourGals I was able to interact with people who were going through medical issues that older patients have. I found that I liked connecting with people through casual conversation because GlamourGals allowed me to see the immediate impact of my interaction in making the senior citizens happy. From there, I knew that I needed to attend medical school and become a physician, so that I can use my leadership skills, companionship skills, and medical knowledge to assist those in my community.

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