Natalie McCarthy- Chapter President, Millville Senior High School

This summer, GlamourGals will be featuring blogs by Glammy Scholarship Award finalists! Today's is from Natalie, president of the GlamourGals chapter at Millville Senior High School. 

Natalie McCarthy Millville Senior High School President Glammy Scholarship (1).png

GlamourGals is important to my community because it teaches young girls what it means to be a leader. GlamourGals gives girls the confidence to be leaders and help their communities. I personally believe that it is more important than ever for young girls to learn what it takes to be a leader, and to see the confidence girls gain from being a part of GlamourGals is one of the best and most rewarding part of being in GlamourGals. My GlamourGals Chapter has an amazing and talented group of young women leaders. 

I have learned that being a leader is more than just telling people what to do, it’s about inspiring them. Being a leader of my chapter has made me more responsible and more efficient in my work and has given me the confidence to prove myself and be better.

I have shown my chapter that these ladies look forward to seeing us, and that we have made a commitment to doing more than just makeovers and nails. It is about creating that bond between the ladies and the volunteers. It is about making those ladies feel important and that is the legacy I leave with them. I have mentored my co-leaders by teaching them to believe in the cause they are supporting. I believe that when you have strong, efficient and driven leaders who believe in their cause then nothing can stop your cause from succeeding.