"Elderly women have so much wisdom."

GlamourGals [volunteers] are they key to bridging the gap between the young and the elderly. GlamourGals teaches teenagers and young women that even though women in nursing homes are older than us, they are not as different [from us] as we think they are. It makes people realize that these elderly women have so much wisdom and are an inspiration for our future and current generation.

Volunteers can learn that becoming older is truly a gift, since not everyone is lucky enough to live a long life. GlamourGals is important to me and to my community since it shows women in nursing homes that they are not alone.

Even if it is just a 15 or 30 minute makeover, our smiles and our visits will stay forever in their hearts. It can help women feel beautiful again and help them realize that there are always people that will care about them, even if it is a complete stranger. By just one make over and conversation with the elderly, our community can make a huge difference that will impact our society today by just one make over at a time.

GlamourGals has truly shaped me as a person and my career path in the future. During my first makeover, I was shy but I did my first manicure on a woman named Mary. I was surprised since I could not incite a conversation as well as I thought, but the nurse told me that Mary loved her nails and couldn’t stop smiling and looking at her beautiful manicure!

After that, I went to many other volunteering events and made many other ladies smile by just taking some time out of my day to paint their nails. This motivated me and I realized that this is what I wanted to do in my future career; to become and nurse and help patients in my daily career just like I did volunteering with GlamourGals.

I realized that I helped complete strangers who were facing difficult circumstances regarding their health, feel respected and happier. I had lightened the burden for these patients and had made their days with just a makeover. I knew that I wanted to help people not just by a little gesture; I wanted to do this in the long run, I wanted to help people in any situation with the best available care that I will provide.

Becoming a nurse will give me the privilege of caring for people every day and help them through some of the most difficult or tragic times they will go through.

-Natalia, GG volunteer in Queens & 
Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award finalist