Ms. Lillie and her Coral Nail Polish

A Volunteer Proudly Displays their Volunteer Badge

A Volunteer Proudly Displays their Volunteer Badge

"Today our Glamour Gals chapter took another trip to the Nursing Home. This has to be one of my favorite visits because I got to participate a lot more and everyone in our chapter was able to interact with someone and paint their nails. We split up to different floors and on the 6th floor I met Ms. Lillie. When I asked her if she wanted to get her nails done, she at first thought she didn't because she was in love with the Coral color she had done last week. Sadly, after it was chipped on a few of her nails, she told me she was heartbroken and needed to get the color replaced. We started talking about the nail polish and how other groups of girls came to visit last week to do their nails too. She told me she never goes for such a bright coral but she fell in love with it.

She went for a beautiful crimson red in the end and liked it, but still missed the coral. Having the chit-chat with her was really fun and she said she loved growing her nails and having them look nice. She noticed that it was raining since we were by the window, and I told her that it was raining all morning and was windy outside. She seemed to appreciate small things like the weather and the attention of doing her nails. It was the first time that I really got to interact with a woman during a makeover, and I enjoyed helping her and seeing her smile at the end.

I spent a long time with Ms. Lillie and did her nails carefully. She smiled for a picture with me and was grateful. I hope for the next visit, I can find a coral colored nail polish and bring it for Ms. Lillie to make her even happier. Even so, it was another successful visit!"

- Lotus, Volunteer from NY