"Listening to their stories and what life is like - priceless."

GlamourGals is not a typical club that high school teens want to join. This particular club made me aware that the elderly population lack companionship and desire company. [...] Each visit, we put smiles on the faces of the elderly - especially those who do not have family nearby - and some see us as their extended family/grandchildren. Listening to their stories and what life is like - priceless. This experience helps me to learn life lessons that I would normally not experience in other clubs... and what I do matters!

What I have learned throughout my four years in GlamourGals, as being a leader (vice president) of my chapter, are the responsibilities of being in charge of a club, and how to deal with situations. I never understood how much effort is put into making sure a chapter club runs smoothly until I received a board position last year. To make sure that everyone (participants and club members) is having fun and doing their part is a difficult task.

GlamourGals and [visiting the seniors] helped me to heal and mourn the loss of my grandmother. The participants are understanding and thrive for companionship. Their role now became a pseudo grandparent. They would ask about my day, my future plans, [and more]. They do not replace the role of my grandmother; instead, they have opened my eyes to accept and love and I do feel that I want to give back to the elderly community. [That] is why I want to minor in gerontology and continue volunteering at [my local senior home] and/or another facility.

-Molly, GG volunteer in New York &
Chapter Vice President Scholarship Award finalist