Meet our New Advisory Board Leadership

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As of the Fall 2014, Allison Hyers will be completing her 3 year term as Chairwoman of the Advisory Board. Allison has been an incredible leader and organizer for GG. We are grateful for her service and we are excited about her continued involvement on the board.

Allison shares, "I am thrilled to announce Mary Pennisi, our former Deputy Chair as the new Chairwoman, Lindsey Smith as Deputy Chair and Mandy Hjellming as our Secretary. They are chock full of new ideas and initiatives."

Thank you Allison and introducing our new Advisory Board leadership:

Mary Pennisi, Chairwoman Mary Pennisi became involved with Glamour Gals and joined the Advisory Board after attending the Glammy Awards of 2012 and learning about the enormous impact the organization has on both teens and the elderly directly from the stories of the teens themselves. After previously representing women at risk on pro bono cases, working at the United Nations on a multi-generational project focused on climate change and spending a lot of time with her own grandparents throughout her life, Mary understood the significance of Glamour Gals' mission to facilitate multi-generational dialogue as a means to empower women of all generations. The compassion, patience and wisdom the teenage volunteers develop by visiting senior homes on a regular basis provides them with a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, while simultaneously providing companionship and comfort to elderly individuals who are often left forgotten and lonely. Therefore, Mary looks forward to serving Glamour Gals in the capacity of Chairwoman of the Advisory Board, and to further connecting at the Henri Bendel event with Board members, volunteers and newcomers who are likewise interested in continuing Glamour Gals' program and keeping up multi-generational conversations nationwide.

Lindsey Smith, Deputy Chair I have been involved with GlamourGals for over 10 years! I met Rachel when I was a sophomore in high school and was immediately inspired to start my own chapters in high school and then in college. My leadership and experience with GlamourGals was instrumental in receiving a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University. I love serving on the Advisory Board and working with women who are also passionate about these two generations, the elderly and the teens. Every year I look forward to the GLTI because I get a chance to meet the amazing GG volunteers, hear all the incredible work they are doing, and see the inspiration and wisdom that successful women are able to share with them. I remember as a teen volunteer being impressed by the women who were speaking. Now as an Advisory Board member, I continue to be amazed by our incredible volunteers!

Mandy Hjellming, Secretary I became involved with GlamourGals during a summer internship and have been contributing to the organization for the past six years. I’ve served on the Advisory Board in various capacities – chair of Glamour in the City, leading workshops at the GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute, and co-writing the first Advisory Board charter. I’m looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with everyone at the GLTI this year, as well as continuing to connect over email about updates on all of your fantastic committee work.



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