Meet Our Fall 2017 Interns!

The GlamourGals team is comprised of numerous remarkable and inspiring women who each play an important role in ensuring the success of the GG Foundation. From the Board of  Directors to volunteers, everyone involved in this organization is significant in their own unique way that is worthy of recognition. To start, here’s an introduction to the GlamourGals interns for the Fall 2017 semester!


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Belinda Wong is a sophomore at Macaulay Honors College at Baruch. With a major in accounting (with too many minors!). She hopes to have her own businesses, ranging from restaurants to a dog daycare! Belinda was a GG volunteer in high school and wanted to continue supporting the GG mission statement after graduation, which brings her here today. She looks forward to continuing to support the organization's efforts and fostering a movement of compassionate teen leaders as well as organizing new and exciting events for both our volunteers and seniors to participate in the coming year! 


Marialaina Nissenbaum is a senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University - College at Florham majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with a math/bio double minor. In the future, she wants to get her PhD and work with Alzheimer's disease/dementia patients. She got involved with GG in high school because her friend wanted to start a chapter and it seemed really exciting. She didn't know anything about makeup, but she was very close with her Gram and always painted her nails. She always got along well with seniors and wanted to volunteer. She looks forward to continuing her GG impact study and GLTI! 


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Sara Ullah currently attends Hunter College as a freshman pursuing a Pre-Health track. Her dream job is to become an optometrist and to be able to help developing countries either as a volunteer or doctor. During high school she was a GlamourGals volunteer and chapter leader. She loved working as a volunteer so much that she wanted to continue to be part of GlamourGals after high school. As an intern for GlamourGals, she looks forward to learning new things about the workforce and business which is something she’s always been interested in. She also looks forward to helping high school GG chapters and help in any upcoming GG events.


Sherah Ndjongo is a sophomore at New York University majoring in Dramatic Writing. Her dream job is to become a writer, specifically a journalist or a screenwriter. She was inspired by the mission of GlamourGals and the foundation’s dedication to promoting positivity to others and to spreading awareness for often overlooked yet important issues regarding senior care centers in addition to its ongoing drive in setting positive examples for teens who are aiming to reach their fullest potential as active volunteers. Also, she is most looking forward to helping play a role in the growth of an organization that is built upon the foundations of compassion and selflessness for the greater good of one’s community and in expanding upon her ability to make a genuine connection with others every chance she gets.


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Zoe Sailer is part of the Macaulay Honors Program at Baruch College and is currently in her sophomore year. She is on the pre-med track but is intending to major in marketing. Her goal is to become a physician’s assistant, but also have a working knowledge of the business field in case that doesn’t work out. She thought GlamourGals would be a great opportunity for her to get exposed to a career in event planning by including marketing and management aspects. She is looking forward to seeing the project she works on play out so she gets to see the results of her hard work for the Fall 2017 semester. 





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