Marialaina from New Jersey

This journal was written by college chapter president, Marialaina, about one of the seniors her chapter visits regularly. We are always so glad to hear the advice the older generation has for our volunteers! 

Now that our chapter is an established presence at the senior home, we have some regulars. Each and every one of them brings a smile to the volunteers' faces, as we do for them. One in particular stands out to me, and I probably have mentioned her in journals throughout this school year: Marian.

Marian, who is approaching 97 years old. Marian, who speaks her mind. Marian, who loves free gifts. Marian, who is so full of life. She never fails to make me laugh hysterically. I hope and pray I will be as vibrant as she is in my old age.

She always has an insightful word (or five) for us, and it is always delivered with a witty bite of sarcasm: 

"Have fun with your boyfriends...but be careful! Not too much fun! "
"A house is not a home without a man."
"I never had a pet, but I had a husband, and that's close enough."
"I pay enough to be here, I'm keeping it!"
"Don't eat too much junk!" 

....The list goes on and on. 

Marian tells us how beautiful we are, and reminisces on her younger days. The first time I gave her a makeover, she didn't want to look in the mirror. I insisted she should see how beautiful she looked! She took the mirror from me, and her eyes welled up with tears. She looked around at us, and thanked us so deeply for doing what we do. She said she loves each and every one of us.

Registration fee: $100. T-shirts: $15. Making a resident's day: Priceless.

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