Manicure request: "Do something wild with my nails!"

When we first arrived, there was a group of ladies sitting out front enjoying the weather. When they saw us they said, "Oh, Here come those 'Glam Gals' again!" It was really sweet to see how they remembered us and were excited to see us there!

One of the residents came in yelling for someone named Lilly or something like that. We told her that she wasn't with us. The resident went on to say that she was here with us last time we visited with HOBY, and she wanted the same girl who did her nails then to do them again because they looked "crazy cool."

There was another resident who kept telling our volunteers, "Do something wild with my nails." It was so cute!

One of the residents had her brother with her. He was just standing in the back talking to all of us when the activities director came in. When the activities director saw him, she asks him if he's getting his nails done. He laughs and says, "Oh yeah I'm just picking out my nail polish color!"

All in all, it was such a great makeover. It really touches our hearts when we see how excited the ladies are! They smiled so big when we give them the little tissue paper flowers! We really love being with these residents.

-Faith C., GG volunteer in Ohio