Makeup and Nails


Yesterday was only my second time ever doing a makeover or manicure with GlamourGals. Last week I only did people's nails, so this week I was determined to do someone's makeup.

Annie, one of the seniors, told me that she wanted to look beautiful for her husband. As Mi Jin and I did her makeup she kept exclaiming how gorgeous she was going to look which made us all smile. I also did Annie's nails; she chose the same shade of pink as my nails so our nails matched!

As I painted her nails, she told me about how she lost a lot of weight after her four strokes and that her brother was having open heart surgery the next day. I did nails for two more people: Leroy and Octavia, both seniors who had come last week. As I filed Leroy's nails, he told me all about his cockatoo bird named Polly and how he built her a birdhouse and how he manages the garden at the Stanley M. Isaacs Center. He proudly showed me pictures, which I asked him to send to me so that I could display them on Facebook! After Leroy, I painted Octavia's nails. Last week, I was the one to paint Octavia's nails, and I was pleasantly surprised that she remembered me!

As we were finishing up, one of the seniors bought us cookies from the nearby stand for us to share. The cookies were amazing and it was nice to know how that the seniors appreciated our presence.

-Tian R., GG intern and volunteer in Manhattan