Mahidah, NY Volunteer

Today's blog was written by NY volunteer Mahidah about her most recent makeover experience. We love hearing our volunteers talk about what they've learned from the older generation, and the things they have in common with their new friends, despite being generations apart!


Yesterday, I did Katherine's nails. She didn't talk much so it was up to me to start up conversation. I have never really needed to do that as much, so this was a new experience for me. Katherine told me that she moved here from France about 13 years ago but all her relatives are back in France. She said she was lonely here and I felt bad. I also told her how one of the other girls in our group was also Katherine and how I'm taking French 1 this year. She was happy when I told her that. Also, Katherine said that she liked America and France the same, because all though her loved ones were there, she was more used to being in America now. Katherine's mom had wanted her to go to America so she could learn to be independent. When she left I told her Salut! (bye in french) which made her smile.

Next, when Katherine had left, I talked to Arlene again. We talked about Halloween, books, shows, cats, our futures, and more. She said SHE LOVED HALLOWEEN and she dresses up every year and this year, if I recall properly, she dressed up as the actress, Greta. Her favorite costume was being a taco although putting on the costume was a huge struggle. Next, she offered us similar advice about our lives and how we are in charge of them, like she had told me last time. She told us that since she was young, she wanted to be an actress but her father told her that she should be a waitress instead because at least that way it is ensured she would be able to have a job. She became a teacher instead and taught for about 30 years! She taught a wide variety of grades but 8th was her favorite. She also loved teaching special kids with disabilities and says even though they might not be able to express themselves properly, they are very smart. Next, she showed us her cats. Then, she gave us a wide variety of books that were interesting including Flowers for Algernon, Fahrenheit 451, Harry Potter and many more. Her favorite genre is science fiction but she hates romance. We then talked about the show the twilight zone. I was so happy when she brought that up because I remembered watching some episodes in sixth grade. We talked about episodes we remember and how much we loved the show. All in all, meeting both Katherine and Arlene gave me two different experiences and I learned a lot of information.

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