Leyla from New Jersey - "How It All Started."

Leyla Mulavdic Hackettstown High School President Glammy Scholarship.JPG

Our Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award winner, Leyla, wrote a series of journals on GGchapters this year detailing her experience at GG throughout her high school years, and its a beautiful example of the impact GlamourGals makes on our volunteers and student leaders. Here's what Leyla had to say about her decision to join GlamourGals. 

Wow. This is totally new for me.

A member of GlamourGals from another chapter told me that I should start writing journals in GG Chapters, because it's pretty much your own personal diary. And so, here I am, reminiscing on all the memories I have gained from being a part of GlamourGals.

So, you're probably wondering, how did it all begin? Why did I decide to get involved, and how has being a GG shaped myself, my life, and everything in between?

Before GlamourGals even arrived as an idea in my mind, I was nothing more than a hopeless sophomore. I've always made sure to maintain good grades and be involved in after-school activities; however, I had never felt that I was talented or excel at something. My one best friend was a Varsity, all-season athlete, and the other was a Flute section leader for Marching Band. All my friends and classmates that surrounded me, well, were all talented at something. I felt insignificant compared to them. I always felt as if I needed to second guess myself or felt second-best when I always put in my utmost effort. I waited patiently for the day that I would figure out what I was good at.

It wasn't until a good friend of mine, who was a junior at the time, introduced the club at our school. I remember seeing the post and thinking "this is my chance"! This could be an experience of a lifetime, and perhaps guide me in the direction of figuring out what exactly I strive in and am truly passionate for. After the interest meeting was held? I was in!

Then, I experienced my first makeover. Before stepping through the doors of Paragon Village, I felt hesitant and uneasy. What if I mess up their nails or makeup? What if the seniors didn't like me? I was wrong.

The makeover was much more than I had ever imagined. One of the biggest parts of my life is music. Music gets me through it all, and luckily, I met a woman who loves music as I do. She too, is a soprano, and was part of a group called "The Baker's Dozen" at the same high school I currently attend. We talked all about our favorite songs, and we even sang to each other a bit... and of course, shared a few laughs. I never would have expected two generations to have so much in common, and I wondered why I worried so much. She was just like me, and I hoped to be just like her when I reach her age-- a happy-go-lucky soul. I couldn't wait for the next makeover!

So the next question you're probably asking is how have I benefited from being a GlamourGal?

Well, you'll just have to stay tuned until the next journal.