Leyla From New Jersey - "Benefits that Have Come With Being a GlamourGal"

This is part two in a series from this year's Chapter President Glammy Award winner, Leyla. This summer, Leyla spoke about the decision to join GlamourGals. This fall, she tells us how her GG experience helped her grow as a leader and taught her to manage responsibilities and build stronger connections within her community. 

Leyla at the 2017 Glammy Scholarship Awards

Leyla at the 2017 Glammy Scholarship Awards

After being a GG for the past 3 years, what have I learned? How does GlamourGals apply to my daily life? Some may think that's impossible, but I beg to differ...

School: If there is one big idea I have learned from being a GlamourGal, it certainly has to be all about being a leader. Running this club not only is tons of fun, but comes with great responsibility! In order to accomplish everything the gals and I so desire, it requires lots of planning in my BFF, my agenda; plenty of effort and dedication; and last but not least, good communication skills. I am so grateful to be able to lead a bunch of girls to a path of memories, friendships, and success in the future.

Work: At work, many of the customers I encounter are of the elderly population. My work is also huge on extraordinary customer care, meaning interacting with the customers in the friendliness manner. My visits to the senior living homes allow me to practice how to engage in conversation with all different types of people, as well as improve my social skills, when it comes to making new friends and relationships. It makes it a lot easier to do so, after tons of practice with the ladies at Paragon!

Home: As strange as it sounds, GlamourGals has taught me how to be mature and connect better with my family. Since all of my family members and I are from different generations, there is some ease, thanks to GlamourGals, when it comes to certain topics to be discussed. When speaking to them, I feel all grown up. My parents can sense it too, and it has made them open doors for me for things as simple as later curfews, college decision making, handling a credit card, etc., because they see how I have developed thus far.

In brief terms, GlamourGals has forever changed my life, and I hope it remains a vast role in my life for the remaining of it!