Letter From Chrissy


As we took our final trip of the school year to Arcadia Nursing Home and Rehabilitation, we really felt the bonds we have made with the ladies and gentlemen there, from the people who work there to the people who live there. I never leave a visit without a smile on my face or with a bad taste in my mouth. I have made bonds that have changed me forever and I am proud to say that I will be taking over our chapter come fall. I feel as though in only the two short years this club has existed in my school, we have touched so many lives and hope to touch so many more. This is truly an incredible organization and I am glad to be one of the many members of this community. The women that we have met at this home have greatly affected me and showed me how the littlest deeds go so far for them. It also inspires me to make a difference in these people's lives like they have in mine. I love and look forward to the hour and a half I spend with these people on Saturday mornings. It is when a lady remembers me from a previous visit or when I simply sit and talk with them that I feel the love and gratitude we have for each other. It is truly a life changing experience and I hope to spread the GlamourGal message to as many as I can because it is an amazing group that makes you really appreciate life and others in your community.

Sincerely, Christina H.

Class of 2016