"Giving back to our community is worth so much."

I love visiting both my maternal and paternal grandparents, however, high school made that nearly impossible for me - I’m grateful if I get to visit them even once a month. With GlamourGals, I get to visit those whom I consider my third set of grandparents. Senior citizens are typically portrayed as grumpy people that yell, “Get off my lawn, you rotten kids!” to passing children. In reality, they’re just like us -- looking for some company when it gets lonely. Whenever we visit, there is always a positive atmosphere and everyone’s always smiling.

I never had the courage to step forward to become a leader. No matter what, I couldn’t stand in front of a group and speak out my ideas without my legs feeling like Jello or without my hands trembling uncontrollably. However, once I joined GlamourGals, this all changed. As vice president, I learned to overcome my fears and obstacles in order to pursue what really mattered: the senior citizens. Ever since I became vice president, my public speaking fears have significantly diminished, both speaking at my chapter’s meetings and outside of GlamourGals.

One of my favorite highlights this year was when we prepared little Valentine’s Day gifts for the senior citizens at [the senior home]. We’ve given them flowers in the past, but this year, we wanted to give something more personal. After countless hours of searching for the perfect gift set, we settled on small monkey plushes, charm bracelets, and handmade cards. The smiles on both the volunteers’ and senior citizen’s faces were priceless. This Valentine’s Day was a reminder to not only me, but to the entire GG chapter on why we joined GlamourGals in the first place.

Being in GlamourGals for the past four years has taught me that the key to a successful club, on top of encouragement, is communication and bonding. Unlike other clubs, we don’t enter and leave makeovers or meetings solely for the purpose of fulfilling our community service hours. We can’t start our meetings without asking how everyone’s day was nor can we say goodbye without joking around or patting each other on the back. Just like a family, we’re always there for one another and watching out for each other. 

As a GlamourGals volunteer, I’ve learned to do what I never thought I could do: become a leader. GlamourGals has encouraged me to pursue my career goal as a pediatrician. It’s not about the money or the name, but about giving back to my community. Check-ups aren’t the most enjoyable things in the world, but they’re necessary for a healthy childhood and are worth it in the long run. The same applies to volunteering - I want to teach others that volunteering and giving back to our community is worth so much more than we can imagine, especially in the long run. GlamourGals has instilled in me the joy of helping others and I want to pass that on to my future patients. 

- Lena, GG volunteer in Queens, NY &
Chapter Vice President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist