Lauren Berger: 2016 Inspiration Glammy Award Winner

Each year, GlamourGals honors an outstanding individual whose work has positively shaped our communities with the prestigious Inspiration Glammy Award. This year's Inspiration Glammy Award winner is Lauren Berger, founder and CEO of, a website that helps connect high school and college students with the internships of their dreams.

Lauren is also the author of two books about finding internships and jobs: All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. She speaks to thousands of students around the country each year, inspiring them to go after their dreams to land that perfect internship and job. Since its launch, Lauren's website has reached over 5 million young people, helping them connect with their dream opportunities.

Lauren received this award at the 12th annual Glammy Scholarship Awards in New York City, an event that celebrates and honors GG volunteers. “I was honored to receive this year’s Inspiration Glammy Award. At the event, I had the chance to meet over 200 GlamourGals volunteers who choose to make a difference in their communities on a daily basis. I’m completely taken and inspired by them,” Lauren says.

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In her speech, Lauren emphasized the importance of taking a step back from the "day to day of what's going on" to re-focus on what matters. "Never forget the impact your work has on others" was Lauren's powerful take-away to GG volunteers. As she acknowledged, "It's not easy to schedule a makeover, to recruit volunteers, to get people to show up, and to show up with a good attitude. It's not easy. But you guys cannot forget the effect of your work. You are going into these senior homes and doing something that no one else does. You are putting a smile on their face. You are changing their lives." As Lauren demonstrates, remembering this fact is a promise all volunteers should make to themselves.

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You can find the press release announcing Lauren as this year's winner of the Inspiration Glammy Award here.

Photographs by Tom Schelling