Laughter at Every Makeover

Written by Sarah, Chapter President in New York

"Do you have a boyfriend? Your hands are so cold, you need to get one just to hold your hands" 

"Your nail polish is black!" "Actually it's blue." "That's crazy I didn't know they made nail polish colors other than white, pink and red!" 

"So you want to be a manuicurist?" "Actually no, an engineer" "What!! Than, why are you here?" 

Perhaps my favorite part of any makeover are the funny things that the ladies do.

Whenever girls who are going to their first makeover come, they do not stop talking about all the funny things we heard and saw on the way home. Today, Angela (her mom thought naming her Angel would be too pretentious, "so she had to add the A to the end) kept us laughing the entire time. She was hilarious and the makeover was so much fun!