Last Makeover. Ever.


Today was our last makeover of the school year. When the ladies starting filling in and I couldn't help but hug each one. I had a connection with each of the ladies, and in a day it would be all gone. I honestly think I will have to come back just to visit them because they are such a huge part of my life. They always will be.

A bunch of the GlamourGals brought drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy after the makeovers. Rachel, a senior GG this year, is our baker; I don't know what the girls will do without her. I kept going around taking as many pictures as I could. These were all memories that I look forward to cherishing in the years to come.

When the makeovers were done and the snacks were given I said a little speech. It was dedicated to all the ladies. I thanked them for welcoming me and giving me so much love.  I told them that their love is what kept me driven. It's their blessings that I carry forward into my new life. After that we passed out little postcards us GG girls made. They were personalized with cute messages. The ladies were overjoyed.

Soon we began to say goodbye to the ladies. One of the greatest friends I've made during this time was Beryl. She is an absolute charm. We talked together and told each how much we came to love each other.  She was the first lady I had every done a makeover for. The first lady! She gave me confidence, showed me compassion, and unconditional love. For that, I can never repay her.

After everyone had left, we noticed that one of our regular visitors wasn't there. I had kept a few postcards and we had some flowers lying around.  We gathered them all up and found her room. Now after knocking and some investigation, we found out she wasn't feeling the best so she wasn't able to come to the door. We ended up leaving the cards to the lady at the front desk. We all pray that she recovers soon and is up and running around just like herself.

This was such an amazing day, I honestly wouldn't change it. Four beautiful years in this organization and to me every second was worth it. GlamourGals had been a huge part of me and I can say very strongly, this is the biggest part of my high school career that I will miss the most.

-Kanza A., GG Chapter President in Pennsylvania