Our First and Second Makeover

Our first experience was a bit unexpected. We didn't realize how much of an impact an hour with a few seniors had on us.

It was so easy to have a conversation, there was never an awkward moment and making that connection felt really good. We talked about pets, books, what we're learning about in school and one of the ladies even showed us a picture of her granddaughter.

Another woman shared the story of how she met her husband and other special memories that they shared. Our favorite memory was when one woman's son surprised her. It was amazing to see how happy she was and to talk with both of them.

Our second makeover was better than the first. We had more women come and we talked about music, movies, school, and a bunch of other things. It was amazing watching them laugh and smile and just indulging in conversation. 

Not many of them wanted makeovers, but they liked sitting and talking to us. Next time we want to watch Twilight together, some of the ladies are big fans! We also learned you're never too old to like Katy Perry.

Overall we had an outstanding and inspiring time and are looking forward to seeing them again!

- Samantha, GG Volunteer in Pennsylvania