Kristina Lachaga: Hot Pink Correspondent & Workshop Presenter at GLTI

Rising pop sensation Kristina Lachaga will be bringing her "Big Pink Heart" to the GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute (GLTI), a day-long training and skill-building conference for GG volunteers in New York City.

2015 has been a banner year for the singer/songwriter, performing this summer at iHeartRadio's Z104.3 & Girls' Life Magazine's One Direction Concert Pre-Party, Albany Back To School Expo with Disney Stars Calum Worthy and Peyton Meyer, the New York State Fair, and State Fair Meadowlands, where she opened for Heffron Drive (featuring Kendall Schmidt of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush).

"The Girl With The Big Pink Heart," as she is known to her fans, first became involved with GlamourGals in May 2015 when she was the Special Guest performer at the Glammy Scholarship Awards. GlamourGals' mission holds a special place in Kristina's heart because of her own Grandmother, "The only Grandparent I've ever met is my Grandma. She's 92 years young and I love her to the moon and back...and then all the way past Pluto."

Kristina helps her Grandma stay young at heart, introducing her to all things "teen." Her Grandmother loves reading and keeping up with the latest teen news from One Direction to Taylor Swift. Kristina even taught her how to text and recently took her to a Tony Bennett concert. It's clear the two share a close bond, especially through the music of both generations.

"For my Grandma and me, music is an amazing way to bridge the generation gap," Kristina explains. "She tells me about the music when she was young, especially when she hears a standard that my Grandfather played on the violin. She loves listening to the songs that I've written and really likes the 'lively' ones. When it has a 'good beat,' she's hooked. She even sat in on a few writing sessions, most recently for my soon-to-be-released single 'R.S.V.P.'"

This year, the GLTI will feature the #GLTI2015 Live Stream, giving GlamourGals volunteers and supporters from around the world the opportunity to be a part of the educational, hot-pink-filled day. As the GLTI Hot Pink Correspondent, Kristina will be broadcasting her interviews with the GLTI Special Guests live from the Hot Pink Carpet and keeping her fans updated on all things GLTI via social media.

"I love connecting with my fans (I call them #Heartbreakers) on social media." As a social influencer with a close relationship with her fans, Kristina sees the positive as well as the negative effect social media can have on teens. She strives to make her social platforms a positive place for her #Heartbreakers, "I want them [my fans] to realize that the personal connections behind their followers and friends are so much more significant than the numeric value they see."

Kristina is following her dreams and encourages her fans to do the same with her #FollowYourHeartsDream message. "I've always loved performing, writing, and the arts in general. In the future, I'd like to pursue TV/Film production and my Grandma wants me to write a book! I want to keep learning and expanding my knowledge in the entertainment industry."

Kristina's Grandmother has been supporting her every step of the way on her journey. She's also been a voice of wisdom for Kristina, encouraging her to always, "Be yourself, be true to yourself, help others, and go for it! You have to put things out there and try -- if you don't try, you'll never know."

For Kristina, the stage is like a second home -- the place where she can sing her heart out for the world to hear. "Confidence" walks on each stage. "I've never been nervous going on a stage," Kristina tells us, but she has great advice for anyone trying to conquer their nervousness.

"It's all about changing your viewpoint on nerves! You have to tell yourself that you're excited, not nervous. It's the same feeling, but a different way to look at it. Plus, it's okay to feel that way because it means you care about what you're doing and want to put your best self out there. People want to see you succeed, so believe in yourself and what you have to say."

We couldn't agree more!


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