Khadia in Manhattan


The [Naturally Occurring Retirement Community my chapter visits] has very quickly become a place of refuge for me. This afternoon I was delighted to be back with girls who had accompanied me to GLTI years ago as we ventured to our first makeover of the new service year.

I got the chance to reunite with women who I had previously bonded with, particularly with Lana. We share an affinity for cookies and candy and I lost track of time as we swapped methods to combat 3am snack cravings. I'll be keen to update her on my progress with avoiding sweets next month!

Two of my fellow volunteers engaged in conversation with a newcomer named Brenda. I only caught snippets of dialogue but all three parties seemed engrossed in the conversation. I later learned that she had noteworthy advice on managing the college application process, and seeing as this makeover was full of high school seniors, the girls flocked towards her in the hopes of absorbing the wisdom. She praised CUNY and SUNY education as an option to reduce loan costs and then began recounting her own history with the pursuit of knowledge. I wish that I'd gotten to converse with her more personally, but I know that she'll be back the next time we are.

Getting our club up and running has been a hard process previously in the beginning of the year as we all get settled into the school routine, but this time, I am optimistic. Within the first couple of weeks, we've had a makeover, secured a facilitator (which my chapter previously struggled to do), and garnered interest about the club from younger girls who are now eager to participate in next month's makeover. I hope that this year we can expand our chapter to include many members younger than ourselves who are just as excited as we are to continue spreading the #GGmovement. :)

-Khadia, GG volunteer in Manhattan