Katie Fuetter, Ottowa Glandorf High School

This summer, GlamourGals is spotlighting our amazing Glammy Scholarship Award finalists! Today, Katie, president and founder of the Ottowa Glandorf High School chapter, tells us about the power of serving others with kindness. 

Before I started GlamourGals at my school, my grandma was living alone and I could see the loneliness she dealt with every day. I have always been surprised at the number of nursing homes in my small community and I couldn't imagine the loneliness of the ladies that didn't have a large family like my grandma’s. With GlamourGals, I get to ensure that elderly women in my community, including my grandma, have an extra ray of sunshine in their lives; that is why GlamourGals is so important to me. Not only has GlamourGals improved my life, but it has had a profound positive effect on my peers, my school, and my community. GlamourGals bridges the gap between generations and has touched the hearts of so many people in my community. My friends love GlamourGals and sharing about the ladies they have met. Teachers in my school are thrilled to accompany us to makeovers and help out. Resident’s families share how much their loved ones enjoy our visits. Most importantly, the residents’ faces light up when we enter the room to give a makeover. GlamourGals has brought so much sunshine to my community and its mission is truly valued.

Starting a GlamourGals chapter at my school is my proudest accomplishment. I experienced such great joy in seeing my friends and classmates grow in their own experiences as GlamourGals volunteers. GlamourGals has brought the best out in me. It has taught me so much about being a leader and that service carries a powerful ripple effect. My passion for GlamourGals has brought out the passion for service in others.

GlamourGals is more than just manicures and makeovers. It is about kindness and compassion. GlamourGals has shown me greater depths to my compassion. I have fallen in love with taking care of and helping other people. GlamourGals has helped me realize my calling to the medical field. With my time as a GlamourGals volunteer, I have grown in love with the idea of improving the lives of people in need. There’s no greater gift you can give than your time. Doctors, nurses, and surgeons give their undivided time and attention to help patients. They serve their patients and community everyday. I love taking care of people; in the medical field, I’ll be able to make the most out of my life by serving others.