Kathy Cedillo - Chapter President, Saint Joseph's High School

This summer, we're featuring GlamourGals Scholarship Award finalists on our blog. Today, Kathy Cedillo, President of the Saint Joseph's High School chapter, talks about leadership and organization. 

Being a leader for anything can be difficult and can have obstacles. Being a leader and trying to maintain good grades in school is even more difficult! However being a GlamourGals president made being a leader fun. I’ve really strengthened my skills while being president. I’ve learned to be more organized and focused when it comes to due dates. I’ve become more organized by putting everything into my phone calendar which makes sense because I am always on my phone so I never miss anything. I’ve learned to prioritize things in order to get things done. I’ve also learned to work closely with my moderator, Mr. Touhey. Working close with him helped my communication skills which I feel made me more confident. I’m not as afraid to talk to people anymore. I actually enjoy talking now!

 I don’t try to sugarcoat things. I like to be really honest with my co-leader who will be president eventually. I tell them, “this isn’t easy but it can be done.”

Being a leader can be stressful but it’s very rewarding. I enjoy being a leader. I enjoy helping, that is just who I am. I love being president of my club. It’s almost like being a real president! My time as president has been really memorable I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope when I go to my college that they have GlamourGals. If not, I’ll start a chapter! I’ll be a catalyst for change in the world.