Juliet Yeomans: 2016 Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award Winner

On Saturday, May 21, Juliet Yeomans was awarded the prestigious $1,000 Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award at the 12th annual Glammy Scholarship Awards in New York City.

Juliet founded the GlamourGals chapter at Northport High School in Long Island, New York in her freshman year and has served as the chapter president since then.

In her scholarship application, Juliet described how this role impacted her understanding of leadership. "I  used to think a leader was someone who tells others what to do and just expects people to follow. But I learned that this is about as far from the truth as possible. [...] I learned that being a leader takes continuous effort – finding ways to keep the excitement alive for volunteers, being sensitive to their time challenges, and learning what motivates them."

"I now have the confidence to engage with people with whom I am not familiar, and I have become a good listener. GlamourGals taught me that everyone deserves to be heard, and that collaboration with others and their ideas can lead to great things."

Juliet also connects her experience as a GlamourGals volunteer to a larger issue facing older adults. "What I didn’t realize until after I joined GG was how crucial these connections were to the elder community at large. I learned that about 43% of elderly people reported feeling lonely on a regular basis, according to researchers at a University of California study. This same study showed that lonely seniors are more likely to decline in health and die faster than others."

Many GlamourGals chapter leaders take advantage of holidays throughout the year, creating special makeovers to celebrate with the seniors they visit. Juliet is no exception. For Valentine's Day last year, she bought chocolates, candy hearts, room decorations, and pink boas. "We spent a long time wrapping creating personalized heart-covered baggies, hoping to make the women feel special. The next day when the ladies came to get their nails done, they were thrilled to see the room covered in hearts and to receive their goody bags. [...] They could not stop thanking us for the wonderful gifts we gave them."

Video credit to Dream Images.

Juliet is planning to extend her GlamourGals experience by starting a chapter at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ where she be attending college to study engineering in the fall! 

You can find the press release announcing Juliet as this year's winner of the Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award here.

Photographs by Tom Schelling.