Jessica, NY Chapter President

Today on the blog, GG volunteer and chapter president Jessica shares her goals for leading her chapter this year, and tells us about her new friend, Muriel (pictured below!). We have loved reading about their friendship over the past couple of months! 


One of my first priorities as president this year was to make sure that all the new members were comfortable with going to senior homes and what to be prepared for because I care about all of the members in my club. The first thing I did was send an email to everyone letting them know who I was and what the club is about. I told them that we would go to the senior home together on the bus and that I knew their first makeover would be intimidating, from experience. I let them know that is was alright to be a little nervous and I even gave them some conversation starter ideas so they could ease into this new experience.

I also let all the elderly ladies know that many of the girls there were new so a lot of them were just getting used to makeovers and of course they understood. After that during one of our club meetings I brought a bunch of snacks and we all sat in a circle in the highway just chatting about school, life, GG and more.

I wanted our group to become much closer so that they knew I cared about them as individuals. I also wanted the senior citizens to know that I cared about them too. I try my best to remember their names and their stories so that the next time I come back they know I always listen and care about what they have to say.
— Jessica, NY Volunteer

My favorite GG experience happened during the beginning of this year. I was at the second makeover of the year and I was unpacking the nail polish bag as usual when I hear my name called. I turned around looking at the other volunteers searching for a face who was looking at me but no one was. Then I heard my name again and I realized it wasn't a volunteer who was calling me, it was one of the senior citizens. Her name is Muriel and I remembered I did her nails at the last makeover. This was the first time one of the senior citizens remembered my name and that really made me happy because it showed I made a good impression on her. Ever since then she is always the first one in the room when I show up for a makeover and she always waits for me to do her nails and I always go to her first. She tells me all about her day and she always wears bright pink lipstick. When I talk to Muriel I feel like I’m talking to a friend because we have a close bond now that just makes me always want to go to makeovers!

One thing I have learned from GG is that little things can and do make a big difference. Simply giving a manicure to the ladies and having a conversation with them makes them feel beautiful and cared about. When we all come into the room they all smile and that really shows how much of a difference we make. We get new ladies coming down to makeovers every time and Muriel told me it is because the ladies’s nails we usually do tell others about us and soon everyone wants to get a manicure and have a conversation with us. We do something so small yet the impact it makes on their lives is just so heartwarming.

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