2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Jessica Martin, President

Today our Glammy Finalist Blog Series features Jessica Martin, who served as public relations manager and then president of the Villa Victoria Academy Chapter. Jessica discusses what her responsibilities in her chapter taught her about leadership and how the connections she developed through GlamourGals have inspired her to pursue a career in public relations.

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What you have learned from being a leader of your chapter?

Being given important responsibilities as my chapter’s public relations manager and president, I feel that I have strengthened my communication and stress-managing abilities. In addition, I can proudly say that my creativity has significantly increased as I have made numerous decorations and designs for my chapter’s makeovers. From centerpieces, tablecloths, and adorable accessories, I have worked very hard to go above and beyond to make our visits unique and fun not only the residents but for my chapter volunteers as well. As the president of my school’s GlamourGals chapter, I believe that the two most important things for my co-leaders and volunteers to achieve are to have fun and to have the ability to communicate. Being able to discuss events and meetings easily has been crucial for our chapter’s success. In addition, we all have a great time visiting our residents, putting a smile on their faces, and just having a nice time with our fellow chapter members. Being a GlamourGals leader has taught me to be just that—a leader.

I am so grateful to have made a difference in my community, and I hope that my chapter’s volunteers look up to me the way I look up to them because each and every girl in my chapter is such an inspiration to me and they are the reason that I am so determined. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished and I am honored to be a part of my school’s GlamourGals family.

How have your experiences as a GlamourGals volunteer shaped your aspirations and future career goals?


Attending college as a public relations major, I know that being a GlamourGals volunteer will help me toward my career. My communication abilities have significantly increased as I have socialized with the residents and staff at my chapter’s nursing homes. Talking with a resident that you have never met before may initially appear as a challenge. However, after four years of socializing and caring for these wonderful people, talking to a new face is second nature and something that I especially look forward to. The staff and residents always have such fascinating stories and memories that they love to share with us. The life skills of patience, kindness, care, and thoughtfulness I have enhanced as a GlamourGal volunteer are incredible, and I believe that they give me such an advantage to shine and represent GlamourGals in the future. It is with great pride that I credit this wonderful organization for making me who I am today!

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