2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Jenna Vitale, President

Jenna Vitale, former president of the Mahopac High School chapter, is our first 2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series feature! Jenna talks about the importance of combating senior loneliness; she also discusses how she has combined volunteering with her musical talents, an intersection she plans to continue pursuing while in college and beyond.

Why is GlamourGals important to you and your community?

GlamourGals is important to my community because it addresses senior loneliness, which I witnessed first-hand when visiting my grandmother in a nursing home. My freshman year, I founded the Mahopac High School chapter. I could not have imagined the impact I would have on others, or the impact they would have on me. It is heartwarming to hear how appreciative the seniors are of our visits not just to do their nails but also to have someone to talk with. For some seniors, GlamourGals are the only visitors they will receive. Knowing some seniors count on us this way taught me compassionate leadership.


What is one instance where you went above and beyond your responsibilities as a leader?

One example of when I went above and beyond as a leader was when I organized a holiday event for one of our visits. I arranged for several musicians from my school’s chorus, orchestra, and band to perform. I play violin and was happy to be able to play for the seniors. My chapter also made paper snowflakes to decorate the rooms and gave each senior a hand-made pasta angel ornament. The environment felt very upbeat and festive that day.

How have your experiences as a GlamourGals volunteer shaped your aspirations and future career goals?

As a GlamourGals volunteer, I have played my violin on a few special occasions at our visits. I  see how appreciative the seniors are that they’ve had music to enjoy while getting their nails done. In September, I will be attending William Paterson University where I will major in music. I plan on starting a GlamourGals chapter there and would love to continue to incorporate music into GlamourGals visits in the future. Also, I have met several inspiring mentors while at GlamourGals events in NYC. After learning from them, I also want to mentor and give back to my community. When I graduate from college, I plan on working in the music industry. I would like to help get the music business involved in GlamourGals events in the future. This could include fundraising opportunities, sponsorships, and performing at events or nursing home visits.