It's Not Always Love at First Sight

Lena at a makeover with another senior. 

Lena at a makeover with another senior. 

I met Marge today and she was just as she appeared, this calm and down-to-earth lady. She only wanted a coat of clear polish, but our conversation was so much more than that.

As she told me about her aching back and feet, she told me to cherish my teenage/young adult years, saying, "These years are the best years of your life." 

She told me her story as a musician and real-estate agent, who started playing the clarinet at the age of 14 but hated it when she first started. She told me how she asked her teacher for a change to the flute, but hearing her play, he wouldn't let her, or as he said, "You create the most beautiful sound out of your entire class." Ever since then, she had developed a passion in clarinets.

Her experience with the clarinet is so different from when someone tells you "Don't give up!" Marge taught me that it's not always love at first sight and I finally understood why.

-Lena, GG volunteer in Queens