International Women's Day

There isn't a more perfect day to have a makeover than on International Women's Day, where we celebrate all the strong and inspirational women in history and the present for changing our world for the better.

GlamourGals itself is a part of that strong and inspirational community that we celebrate. Young teenage girls like me are making a difference for other important women in our lives -- the elderly women we give makeovers to.

Today Muriel brought her own nail polish which was very exciting since she brought a bold wine red color. I've been giving Muriel consistent makeovers for nearly a year now and it's been a wonderful journey seeing her evolve with different color trends as well as opening up to me with new conversations.

She now recites a poem or a memorable line from her previous works in contrast to a few month's ago where she would be too embarrassed to admit that she is still a writer and poet. Muriel has bloomed into someone more than a frequent participant in our makeovers; she has bloomed into a friend I can chat with about anything, a mentor who can guide me through my struggles, and an inspiration for me to follow.

She may not notice how much she's opened up to me but with each makeover, our conversations get a bit longer, our laughters get louder, our time spent together is cherished even more than I can imagine.

Muriel's too humble to accept my thanks for all the times she's made my day, but I try to return the favor everywhere I can to spread the warmth she emits from her smiles.

-Belinda, GG volunteer in Queens, New York