Impacting My Life

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As a freshman in high school, I was still figuring out who I was and finding my interests. I joined many sports and clubs to find what I enjoyed.

Though many of the things I joined I liked and I have continued to be a part of throughout my high school career, nothing has made an impact as great as my decision to join Glamour Gals.

I decided to participate in the club because I thought it would be a great way to gain community service hours and I figured it would look good on a college application.

Little did I know this decision would mean so much more to me. I have gone to almost every event my school has had, and finally my junior year I wanted to get more involved, and I was elected vice president to the club because of my dedication.

My motivation for continously volunteering is the men and women at the assisted living homes. They have so much joy just to talk to us, because they may not get an visitors or have anyone. It is a very refreshing feeling.

Being the current president of my school's chapter has really been a great experience so far because I love planning at least 4 trips a month. GlamourGals has helped me decide that I want to go into the medical field to help people and make them feel better.

-Marissa, GG volunteer in New Jersey