I'm getting a new nail color today

In this weeks blog post, Jeanne, a volunteer from New Jersey, shares about her most recent visit to her chapters nursing home.

Warren Hills Regional High School Chapter at their April visit.

Warren Hills Regional High School Chapter at their April visit.


As the warmer days are approaching on beautiful Saturday afternoons, some of the residents have been sitting outside to feel the warmth of the sun. This helped them see us when we were walking up. They also got very excited when they saw us walking up to the entrance and a resident even exclaimed to her friend “I’m getting a new nail color today!” and she looked so happy when she said that. Though we were a smaller group this month, that didn’t stop us from serving over 20 ladies. We also gave them cute Easter eggs that contained a hair tie and a colored stamp. They were very happy with the goodies that they got and the new shade on their nails.

From my personal experiences, the best part of being a part of GlamourGals is being able to be rewarded through smiles and stories of these wonderful ladies. Their positive energy and enthusiasm during every visit makes me so excited to see them the following visits. Their stories from their younger years are so inspiring and truly interesting to hear. These stories are what inspire me to continue coming on the makeovers. Many people misinterpret the name “GlamourGals”, meaning they automatically assume that it’s a club centered on makeup and cosmetics, but there’s another side that I wish people were able to see. As a volunteer in the GlamourGals organization, the mission is “to inspire and organize teen volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women living in senior homes”, but not a lot of people know that.

When someone asks me to describe what GlamourGals is, I tell them that it’s a national organization that we, the volunteers, provide seniors with a “restored sense of dignity through personal attention and the warmth of caring touch, as well as the opportunity to share their stories.” It’s not just a club about makeup, though we incorporate it into daily meetings with the ladies at the nursing home, but it’s a way that we can connect with people that are in a different generation than us. Doing the makeovers is a fun part of our visits, but talking and connecting with the women is so much more impactful.

Jessica Wallin