Home Again: A Guest Blog by Deana

Home Again: A Guest Blog By Deana April, 2013

On August 24, 2012, I attended my first GG makeover as an Alumni. Held at VISIONS at Selis Manor in Manhattan, it was also the first makeover that I attended as a member of the GG Alumni Council.

We were joined by new students from LIM who were attending their first makeover as part of their orientation to their new school.

As soon as I walked into the makeover I felt at home again. All of the memories of setting up the nail polish and lotion before a makeover came back to me. While I was motivating the volunteers to get to know the residents and make the most of their GG experience, I was reminded of all of the makeovers I had helped facilitate while I was in high school.

The best part of the makeover was that I went to it with my best friend, Carly Roman. Carly was my Co-President throughout high school and is now a member of the GG Alumni Council with me. The makeover gave me time to catch up with her and it seemed so appropriate that we were reunited over the same activity that brought us together in the first place.

At the makeover, I met a woman named Dionne who was partially blind. She told me about her childhood growing up in Harlem and we joked about how we shared the nickname, "Dee." I also had the opportunity to connect with other members of the GG Alumni Council like Eghosa Asemota and Tammy Tran. It was fun sharing our GG experiences.

Being a part of the GG family has meant so much to me over these past few years. I know that this makeover was only the beginning of my involvement with the GG Alumni Council. I am looking forward to helping out at the GLTI this November and future events.

This makeover was the perfect way to end my summer, reflect on my memories of GG in high school, and get me ready for another school year.

- Deana, GlamourGals Alumni Council

Rachel Doyle