Highlights from a Summer Visit

Yesterday was an incredible day for GlamourGals. We went back to Sunrise Senior Living where we met with the new activites coordintator who brought us upstairs and got us set up. After a slow start, tons of residents were coming to get their nails done. After some successful manicures, laughs and smiles, the group headed upstairs for GlamourGals on the go! Upstairs we personally went to each resident who wanted a makeover and attended to them there. A real standout for me was a conversation I had with a resident named Grace. Despite the fact that I had already explained the concept of GG, Grace had forgotten.  This led to a discussion I won't soon forget. When I asked Grace if I could do her top coat she exclaimed, "Oh you have done so much already no -thank you." But I reminded her it was no trouble and would help protect her nails. She then asked, "How much will this cost?" When I explained to her that it was free she exclaimed, "This is the nicest present I ever gotten!" Although maybe it wasnt the nicest present she had ever gotten in her lifetime, it was nice to know that what may seem to just be a small act of kindness to us may make a huge impact on those we are trying to help.

Written by: Julie Moses, Leader of a New York Chapter