Heather Furlow: Workshop Leader at GLTI

Heather Furlow

Heather Furlow

Heather Furlow, copy editor at Marie Claire by day, fashion blogger by night, will be joining us as a workshop leader at the 2015 GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute (GLTI), a day-long training and skill-building conference for GG volunteers in New York City.

Working for a magazine was always Heather’s dream-job, but when she graduated from college with a degree in journalism, print was on the way out - everything was moving online. Rather than be intimidated by the shift, Heather sees the positive side: “That can be really overwhelming sometimes. But it also means there are so many opportunities outside what was considered the typical path in magazines.”

“I always wanted to work on the digital side of things. I wanted to run my own magazine or be an editor-in-chief. I think, because of the internet, that’s changed. [...] Now, instead of owning a magazine it would be running my blog and have that being my -- this sounds silly -- be my brand.”

What if you don’t know what you’re working towards, or what if there isn’t one structured path? “Who says you have to pick one thing? That’s what’s cool about the internet -- you don’t have to do one thing. There’s people who are bloggers and work on a magazine and design shoes. [...] There is more flexibility and more opportunity.”

Heather’s own path to her dream job as a copy editor for a magazine was somewhat non-traditional. She first went to Suffolk County Community College then transferred to SUNY New Paltz, where she earned a degree in journalism. Heather didn’t see the need in spending the money on a bigger university because, “You can get a really good education anywhere if you want it and work for it.” After college, Heather even worked part time for GlamourGals for two years.

Why GlamourGals? Like many volunteers, she explains that her close relationship with her grandmother, who she called “Ma”, was what drew her to GG. She shares: “I lived with her for the last few years of her life. So that was really wonderful. [...] It solidified this idea that it’s so important to respect and put time and energy and money into the elderly because -- for so many reasons -- but because we’re all going to, hopefully, grow old one day. It’s the idea that you want to take care of people and hope that it’s going to come back to you. But it’s also taking care of society.”

“[There are] so many different people, races, ages, and cultures that are kind of ignored. What Rachel is doing, and what everyone on the GlamourGals team is doing, is so important because a lot of times the elderly are ignored. My grandmother was lucky in that we lived with her, but it’s the reality that people aren’t so lucky to live near their grandparents or parents.”

“I don’t know anything else like GlamourGals. It’s very special to me.”


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