Guest Blog - Lou Valerio - weekend of service

Guest Blog: Lou Valerio - A Weekend of Service March, 2013

Last week was truly amazing.

It started months ago when GlamourGals founder Rachel Doyle came to me with a unique idea. She wanted to enlist the services of my employees at Progressive Financial to use their telephone skills and specialized dialing equipment to spread the word about the great work done by the GlamourGals foundation.

We would start on Friday, March 16th with a dial-a-thon at the Progressive call center in Tempe, Arizona. We planned a GG Makeover on Saturday, March 17th at Emeritus at Olive Grove in Phoenix. The Arizona School for the Arts Chapter would work their magic side by side with Progressive volunteer employees.

To put our plan into action, we created a joint task force with employees from both GlamourGals and Progressive.

Our staff met weekly to discuss and spread the word about the events. Many Progressive departments worked got our location ready. The IT division readied the computers and phones and our collection and admin staff volunteered to make the calls. Posters filled the office announcing the project. One manager brought in professional photo equipment to cover the event. I bought GG t-shirts and lunch for the staff.

It was incredible: a true weekend of service!

As word traveled through the Valley, famed Iron Chef Jose Garces offered us a beautiful venue in his new Scottsdale eatery, Distrito, to rest and recharge for Saturday.

And then, on an unusually gloomy Arizona morning, the real service began. Our staff and volunteers came together to provide love, companionship and beauty. What a day it was: one of my talented employees, Mailaika Sallard even regaled us with songs. We were all so blessed. The ladies, the girls, and now many women of Progressive gave their time for the greater good.

I sat, I thought, and I realized I was surrounded with the brightest day in that room no matter what the weather outside. My thanks to all!

- Lou Valerio, GlamourGals Executive Board Member

Rachel Doyle