Guest Blog - Lou Valerio - GSA 2012

The Glammys: A Guest Blog By Lou Valerio 

Baby boomers, I've got good news for all of us.

Our future is bright if the young women who make up the GlamourGals foundation have anything to do with it!

Don't even think of telling these gals something is too hard to accomplish . They are remarkable. I am always amazed when I see their level of commitment to serving others, the sincere concern they have for the older generation, and the leadership qualities they in such a humble manner.

The Glammy awards honored not just certain individuals, but all GlamourGals volunteers.

When listening to Glammy winner Eghosa Asemota and The Daniel and Lucille Valerio Outstanding Volunteer winner, Cassidy Greenzeig, you would never know that they were the winners as they praised their chapter members and mentors.

Get involved and witness the greatness that is on our horizon. My life is changed forever by this movement compromised of energy filled teens ready to make our world a better place.