Guest Blog - Lou Valerio - Don't sweat the small stuff

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: A Guest Blog By Lou Valerio

It's been a tough couple of days. Dad had a bad fall Friday night. As it turns out, he fractured his hip and femur, which is not good at any age, let alone 88.

By Sunday morning, I was back on the New Jersey Turnpike. I pondered a lot about what to expect. There must be a reason why people like my dad are called our greatest generation. I think it's because they are a generation that has an unbelievable fortitude to carry on in the face of terrible odds.

It's odd having the responsibility of being a care provider, as much as you think you're in control, you really aren't . Life is very real to the last moments. Our bodies may age, but our will almost gets stronger.

Dad is holding on and me?

I'm still his son, learning and trying to be as brave as my heroic father.

Thanks again Dad!